We in OE may not be able to solve Global Hunger, Poverty or Educational issues ... but like every drop of water makes an Ocean, we commit ourselves every year on behalf of every employee and help school going children with educational funding. Physically and in kind.

Time to time, help and support medical aid.
Timely help and support for emergency medical expenses.
Every year during the Holy month of Ramadan we support and visit some of the labor camps and provide food.
It is our way of thanking mother nature.


Omega Engineering have Partnered with a number of world-renowned manufacturers specialized in providing various engineering products and services for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Industries, Utilities and other process Industries.

Omega Engineering provides clients with a complete range of high quality, cost effective and environmentally products through internationally recognized manufacturers/ Principals.

OE’s capability includes engineering services in Instrumentation, in addition to the product line we have to offer.

Our Associates